CPHmade Pipe – Smooth


Price: €373.00


The new “CPHmade” pipe from Tom Eltang is made with a smooth finish and with a brasilian horn middle piece. The pipe is made from Toms stock of high quality Italian briar wood. The rough shape is produced on a copy mill in a quantity around 20 in each batch. By doing it this way Tom can keep the cost down per pipe. Each pipe is then carefully polished and stained at Tom´s workshop. The mouthpiece is black acrylic and the middle piece is 75 year old Brasilian horn. The finish of each pipe is also made in the hand by Tom Eltang. The pipe is marked with CPHmade by Tom Eltang.

Length: Approx. 13-13,5 cm.
Weight: Approx. 52-56 grams
Bowl height: Approx. 4,5 cm.
Bowl width: Approx. 4,2 cm
Chamber, inside, diameter: 19 mm.
Chamber depth: Approx. 42-43 mm.
Filter: No

Amount: One pipe
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